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Concession Services

Fundraising Program

we service vendors, concessions, non-profits and the general publicIf you are running an event and want to raise funds for your organization, we offer a plan which is a no lose situation. We will supply all the products, all the supplies, and all the equipments needed AT NO CHARGE to you.

No product cost, no rental charge, nothing. And we will even deliver everything to your site. Your organization only needs to supply the volunteer people power to staff the stand.

The organization will receive 40% of the gross sales. You can choose to pick up the products and equipment and then the organization will receive an additional 10% of the gross sales, 50% in all.

Another fundraiser that works well for schools is for students take orders to sell 2 1/2 gallon containers of Italian ice to friends and family. The suggested retail price for a 2 1/2 gallon can is $22.00. It will serve about 70 of the 2 scoop, 75 cent size ices. The paper cups are even included in the price! With a minimum purchase of 30 cans, the school can purchase them for $16.00.

If they are sold for the suggested price, that's a $6.00 profit each, or $180.00 for the 30 can purchase. You can even mark up the price above the suggested retail and the profit goes up even more. The cans will be delivered frozen and will stay frozen for 2 hours, allowing for time to distribute them.

We Service Vendors, Concessions, Non-Profits, and The General Public

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(732) 283-0705

We Provide Catering For Events And Corporate Functions.
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